Wuzhou Sun Shine Forestry and Chemicals Co., Ltd. of Guangxi is a state-owned holding enterprise, the major manufacturer of gum rosin and its derivatives products in China. The main products are: gum rosin, gum turpentine, hydrogenated rosin, rosin ester resin series, other modified rosins, disproportionated rosin and its potassium soap, and food additives (ester gum). With full range products, widely used in the applications of adhesives, coatings, inks, synthetic rubber, dye and pigments, electronic solder flux and food additives industries, etc. we have become the supplier of more and more famous domestic and international companies. WSSFC has been honored as national “High & New Technology Enterprises”, “Head Enterprise for Agriculture Industrialization of Guangxi”, “Industrialization Base for Rosin Deep-processed Products of Guangxi”, and WSSFC is also the vice board chairman of China National Forest Product Industry Association Rosin Branch.



    Maleated Rosin

    Used widely in paper-making, inks, paints, adhesives etc., major used as the fortified sizing agent for paper-making. Besides according to customer's requirement, we can manufacture modified rosin from Disproportionated Rosin, Ployer Rosin

    Disproportionated Rosin

    Uses: Disproportionated rosin is made from gum rosin through catalyzing by the Pd-C catalysts, mainly used in synthetic rubber, adhesives, pigments, dyestuff surfact treatment, coatings, inks, etc.

    Anti-Cristalization Stabilized Rosin

    The main composition of this product is rosin resin acid (abiatic acid), made from gum rosin through special technology treatment, improved the anti-crystallization and aging resistance of gum rosin; Used in solvent based adhesivs, hot melt adhesives, over plastic adhesives, laminating adhesives,etc.

    Water-White Hydrogenated Rosin

    This series of products are refined from hydrogenated rosin or high-hydrogenated rosin that are eliminated impurities and the coloring radicals; Mainly used in solid or liquid solder flux, hot melt adhesive and as raw material of light-colored rosin resin.

    Hydrogenated Rosin

    This product uses gum rosin as raw material, under certain pressure and temperature, through hydrogenation making the resin acid part saturated with hydrogen to produce hydrogenated rosin mainly in the form of dihydroabietic acid, then refined by distillation. Mainly used as raw material for the manufacture of adhesives, coatings, inks, solder flux for electronic industries, food grade ester gum, etc.

    Diglycerol Ester of Rosin

    The products are made from Rosin through esterification with Diglycerol ; Used in adhesives, solder flux, surface active agent, and coatings, etc.

    Compound Tackifying Resin

    Compound Tackifying Resin are made through modification and esterification of Gum Rosin and light colored Rosin. They have the characters of light color, superior heat resistance and weather resistance, etc. They have good compatibility with EVA, SIS, SBS, and according to the requests of different applications, they can be used in sanitary adhesive products, EVA based hot melt adhesives, etc.

    General Tackifying Resin

    General tackifying Resin are made from gum rosin through esterification with glycerol; Used in solvent base adhesive,pressure sensitive adhesives,EVA glue stick, book binding adhesive, carpenter's glue.



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